GAME: This or that PTX!


Kirstie EP
Mevin (Mitch and Kevin) or Kirvin (Kirstin and Kevin) ?


mavi or kavi // mitch+avi or kirstie+avi


Avi overtone singing or Kirstie whistle notes


Kirstin’s whistle notes!!

Ref or First Things First??


First things first

Water or Take me home?



Evolution of Beyoncé or EoMJ?


Evolution of Gaga or Miley?



Evolution of Beyoncé or Evolution of Lady Gaga


Evolution of Beyonce

Bad 4 us or Fields and Pier?


Fields and Pier



ahhh they’re both so cute but Avi’s photo reminds me of a meme :joy: so i’ll say Avi

Mitch’s high note in DOTSPF or Avi’s low note in DOTSPF??


oooh hard but Mitchy’s high note!!

PTX Vol 1 or Vol 2?


PTX Vol 2

Sup3rfruit’s Future friends or Kirstin’s L O V E?


HARD CHOICE! But as a true kirSTAN, L O V E

avi or no avi :*(((


No avi (in PTX); mentally, he wasn’t healthy when he was in PTX. It’s so sad but I’d rather him be happy and healthy, even if it means no avi in PTX

Piercings or tattoos?


Mirstie 100%


piercings. you can take them out if you regret it.

smol potatoes or kermit, you go second


Mitch without glasses

The Trio or Meat and Potatoes


kermit you go second – its priceless

future friends Part 1 or future friends part 2?


Part 1 definetly