Guess what, I'm alive but not on KC soz


So like, I used to be on here EVERYDAY! But, I fell out the fandom. I thought I’d write a quick something as I realised, I left a lot of friends when I stopped using this forum.
A lot has changed since I last talked to some people. My life got thrown around a bit but it’s okay. I’m 16 now - somewhere a never thought I’d get to - and I’m in my final year of high school. I am a single pringle that is waiting to mingle. I’m no longer Kyra to my friends but Eli and I use They/Them pronouns.
I wanted to say that as much as I’m not a fan of PTX, I recognise that I made a ton of friends via them. For some reason, I had moved on completely and virtually forgot about so many people on here. In fact, from everyone I met and talked to, I only have vague contact to one person. And, that really upset me as I loved so many of you.
I also wanted to thank people who used to put up with all my rubbish back then, I wasn’t easy to deal with and I promise that I’m better now. Back then I was depressed and everything was falling apart, whilst I’m not always 100% (no one is) I’m actually in a pretty good place.

I don’t plan to come back to KC but I want to say that if anyone wants to reconnect and talk again then you can message me on my instagram (@FangirlAlerta - yeah it’s exactly the same as everything else.) or something else if needs be :joy: Just let me know who you are if it isn’t clear lol I’m bad with being able to tell


Ahhh! Hi, love!!! :wave: :kissing_heart:


Heyyy! :joy:


hiya! welcome back (for now)!