Guess who’s back? (It’s me btw)


YALL. ITS BEEN TOO LONG!!! I think about the forum all of the time :sob: but school is hectic. Plus the school is debating on blocking KC considering one minute it’s working and the next it isn’t. But if you wanna catch up on some stuff hit me up in messages! Love you guys :two_hearts:


By the way… I’m gonna bring back some old topics :grinning:


Hi beautiful!!!:wave: :kissing_heart:


Guess who’s back
Back again
Monay’s back
Tell a friend


Hi love :heart:


applauds slowly


I’m so glad you’re back!!! I’ve missed you!! You’re great!


I’ve missed you too!


Hi queen! so lovely to have you back :heart:


Aww :two_hearts::two_hearts: glad to be back :kissing_heart:


hey. how have you been?


I’ve been doing good hun, how bout you?


I’ve been good thanks. Stressing because I have 2 exams tomorrow


Good luck! I have two coming up soon so I know how you feel


Ahhh same… finals :persevere:


Good news! I finished them. Hopefully I haven’t failed, luckily they’re only derived grades anyway.


These exams that I need to take soon are 40% of my grade so I’m worried :cold_sweat:


same !!! ahhhhhhhh


Wow! Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do great!


I’m mainly worried about Algebra. I’m sure I’m going to do fine in English, but math isn’t my strong suit :sob: @PentaholicKayla @CharlieGrassiHoying