Happiness Book for Kirstin!


Hey y’all. It’s been quite some time since I was on here, and a lot has changed since then (I literally have a tattoo in Kirstin’s handwriting now…WHAT?) but my endless desire to create projects for Kirstin has not been quelled.

A while back, I started a project that I like to call “Kirstin’s Book of Happy Things”. The basic concept is to fill up my copy of her “For Your Eyes Only” journal with random things that make people smile. I’m up to approximately 300 things in the list now, and desperately need more.

The book goes to her in almost exactly 48 hours.

Please respond to this with things that make you smile/happy (be it a universal happy maker like kittens, or a random inside joke that only you understand).

I also need happy pictures. I’d love photos of her fans with her and just random happy photos (think ducklings and sunrises).

Thanks so much everyone!



Ollie!!! I thought of you the other day and hope you’re doing well and still singing!!
Here’s my picture with Kirstin also traveling makes me happy!!