Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


Ik that someone else did a post like this a while back but I wanted to post this to see if anyone was either been noticed for the first time or has been noticed again since the other post. So I’ve been noticed actually today by another band called Forever In Your Mind and they followed my fan account for them and liked two of my posts.


Back in the days when I edited PGT
Todrick 3x
Kirstin 2x
Jeremy 4x
(My Twitter is @Simsnet1 so you can go see lol)
Vonzell Solomon 3x



I have been followed by Avril Lavigne but that’s about it.


Since the original post:

  • Peter Hollens follow
  • Kirstin replied to a couple blog comments
  • Michael & Carissa Alvarado and Kate Bella recognized me at the Us The Duo concert


On twitter, Michael Alvarado has liked 2 of my tweets and Us the Duo has replied to 2 of my tweets.
On IG, Kirstin has liked 3 of my posts and Jeremy 3 as well. And that’s it for me :slight_smile:


PTX retweeted one of my tweets recently, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in being noticed by anyone famous.


Brizzy Voices has replied and faved some tweets
Tessa Netting has DM’d me, faved and replied
Kevin has retweeted and replied one tweet
The #GirlLove team has faved and DM’d me

But that’s it…


Kirstin x 32 follow
Scott x 10 follow
Mitch x 1
Kevin x6
Avi x 5 follow


Todrick x35 follow


Superfruit followed me, repliedx3 and liked my tweetsx2!!!
Kevin followed me, repliedx7!!!
Scott followed me, liked my tweet once!!!
Kirstin followed me, repliedx1, and liked my tweetsx6!!!
Mitch liked my tweet once…!!!
Pentatonix retweeted my “That’s Christmas to me” cover! liked my tweet once and replied once!!!


Now if you can just get Avi to cooperate you will have the complete set. :slight_smile:


My answer to this, is a big fat no. Lol. But it’s alright.


yeaaah! I wish! Maybe he will notice me someday!!!:relaxed:


They will. It takes time and luck but it will happen.


Not holding my breath over it; but who knows. You know what I’m like from the times we’ve talked, lol. I’m one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” kinda people.
Forever a hopeful pessimist, lol. Or is that a skeptic optimist?..


At soundcheck at the PTX concert I was gonna ask them a question and Mitch noticed that I had my hand up… He was always about to point at me so I could ask my question but Scott was always faster at picking someone… I didn’t get to ask my question and Mitch gave me a sympathy smile because of that and he kept looking and smiling at me during the concert :green_heart:


Us the Duo, Michael Alvarado, and Chester Lockhart followed me on Twitter and they have all liked tweets.
Met PTX and Todrick
Jeremy noticed me once
Kirstie said she loved my flower crown, Kevin said I was beautiful
That’s about it.


Tyler Oakley has liked one of my tweets, Oeter Hollens followed my Twitter and also liked some tweets, Chris Holdenfer (might’ve spelled name wrong) (Youtube singer) followed and liked some tweets, Frankie J Grande answered a question and said goodbye during a Periscope, Dan+Phil once followed me as well

I also kinda met PTX and cried like a baby in a happy, nervous, shy kinda way…heheheh


You really put “Kevin said I was beautiful” and “That’s about it” in the same post? Really?!?