Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


I’m with you I haven’t been noticed by PTX buthave been noticed by a different band. And who is this nickelodeon star?


Who is the Nickelodeon star?


Who is it? lol I’ve probably heard of him/her


They aren’t famous but I support this duo called Facing West, a sister team, and they sent me a very nice Christmas card.


Jeremy just read my comment and username on their Kast!!


Her name is elizabeth elias


Oh IK who she is


Kirstin did the “Andy dance” during the last Kastr. :joy:


Well, on Instagram sadly Tyler Ward followed me as well as Peter Holleen, and Alyson Stoner followed me…then unfollowed me. It pissed me off SOOOO much!!! Goddammit! Why…???

Edit: Well. I think they did. I checked their “Followers” list and didn’t see my name on there anymore so I’m guessing they did…grrrrrrrowl


What the “Andy Dance?”


Jeremy pointed out that I was on top of the leader board and deserved recognition so Kirstin did a little dance and called it the “Andy dance”.


What leader board? Sorry, I’m asking sooooo many questions!


Kirstin was giving a prize to the top 3 people on the leader at the end of the Kastr broadcast. The leader board is who has the most points. Points are gained by giving Kastr coins which are bought.


Oh…okie dokie. Ahahaha thanks again


I remember that!! That was so cute. I got so happy for you!


Thank you!


You’re very welcome. Anytime.


I won a Kirstin giveaway a few weeks ago and she answerd a few of my questions dmed me and Jeremy and her both said goodnight to me


Since they’ve already committed to naming their first child Emily I’m just really hoping it will be a girl.


Me too :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: