Have you been noticed by someone famous?!



iM OMF!!! i thought it was a fake acc at first but NOPE!

and i just realised my grammar is horrible in that tweet i am so embarrassed​:joy::joy:


Not sure if you guys count it but Candice (the one who styles them) retweeted my tweet about Kirstie’s shoes tonight!


I think that counts!! haha. I loved her look during the Build series q&a, she looked adorable with her Christmas bow. I love how she always gets so dressed up and festive for anything.


Same! I love so much about her and would love to shop with her one day.


Me too! I don’t really like shopping for hours, but I think it’d be fun with her lol. She should have a shopping spree with a bunch of her fans, or a sleepover or party or something. lol



I made that at 2 am and honestly thought it looked terrible ;-; so I planned to delete it the next day but Kirstin Has Shown Her Approval™

Also Superfruit followed me two days ago! Rlly unexpecting :o


Us The Duo liked my latest tweet.


carissa alvarado like 3 of my comments on instagram omg im so happy and squealy


JESSIE PAGE LIKED MY TWETBRJEBINRJEIPBNRJQOBHQER I feel like she’s my best friend and she’s one of my faves.


I’ve been noticed by more people!!!
Ok so Todrick opened my Snapchat
Jenni Thomasson and me talk often
Ben J Pierce liked one of my tweets
And Todrick whole crew wished me a merry Christmas

  1. Abi (one of the openers for PTX world tour) followed me back on snapchat

Otherwise I havent been noticed by anybody :joy:


like, the past while i’ve only gotten noticed by wattpad writers.

i don’t think anything has happened lol

i am followed by a bunch of random verified people i don’t know tho,do they count lol


Congrats @brokensmyl!!! Kinda jealous that I tweeted literally the same thing yesterday but I’m so happy for you at the same time!!!


I’m sorry! Thank you! I didn’t expect him to see it at all!


That’s ok my happiness for you totally outweighs the jealousy! You totally deserve it!!!


Mario Jose read and answered my question in regards of a future tattoo in an Instagram livestream! :heart_eyes:


Todrick just liked a tweet on my second twitter I never use!! (I didn’t mean to tweet from it but whatever)


Todrick hall yaas my actual queen just liked a photo that @Kiramj and I just posted oml!!! I AM SCREAMING AND SHAKING AND I CANT THINK!