Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


Joshua Henry from the Hamilton Chicago cast replied to my comment today :heart:


ay congratulations that’s cool (do you see the congratulations pun there (hamilton mixtape eh))


ugh shes so kind i wish i was able to stan her more


Kevin liked my tweet today!


Mitch answered one of my questions on his live.me!


What question was that?? :smile:


If he was growing his hair back out! :slight_smile:


I kept seeing your comments but my chat was behind so I never knew who he was answering. Congrats!


thanks! I always feel weird asking the same thing over and over. Lol


lol I feel like it’s the only way to even have a chance though


Exactly! They get so many fans trying to get their attention, it really is the only way.




Honestly I was so excited that I don’t really remember. But I think he said he was going to grow it a little longer but not as long. I need to go back and rewatch it!


“Yes, I think I’m going to keep growing my hair out. Not to like, side bangs Mitch, like emo side bangs Mitch, but I’m thinking like, you know, like normal boyish charm.”

Quoted it lol.


Your next tattoo is that quote


Yes! But where? Forehead? Tramp stamp? :joy:


If you’re ballsy, shave your hair off, tattoo, then grow your hair out :joy:


Jeremy replied to my tweet


They answered my question!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Congrats!!! What question was it?