Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


Any idea when the :strawberry: book will be shipped?


Ooh so awesome! You got to hear them say your name too! :relieved:


On that question, Scott did. But later on, someone else named Sara(h)/Cera asked a question about what’s the longest they’ve been apart, and they both said her name.

I still died even though it wasn’t my question :sweat_smile: :joy: :heart_eyes:


I missed half of the questions because I couldn’t really hear them!


Scott was talking too fast :joy:


Mario followed me! :heart_eyes:


He wants me to die :sob: :heart:




Miniminter (My favorite youtuber) has said my name twice on live streams! It’s so surreal to hear an idol of yours say your name! :heart:


Antoinette Costa from Triptyq put a photo on Instagram and I replied and she liked it.


Flitz from Smosh Games liked my tweet :heart:
Bart Baker follows me on Twitter :confused: :joy: :heart:


Carissa Alvarado liked 8 of my comments. Us the duo liked a comment and replied to a comment. Todrick Hall :crown: liked my photo. :slight_smile:



I used to like Bart Baker’s channel but now I prefer his older stuff.


Ikr! his stuff’s sorta (is) immature now. it’s sad.


Not sure wether it was Kirstie or Jeremy or who runs the account but Olaf liked my tweet!! Also is the duo replied to my DM about my tattoo today!!


My heart stopped


Y’all are lucky, getting noticed by famous people. I don’t use social media enough to get a following. I literally only have 5 followers on twitter. It makes me sad when I think about it…


I’ll follow you! What’s your @?


I followed you.


I followed you!