Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


thanks y’all for following me. i have nothing important enough to post though.


I followed you! It just takes patience. I didn’t have followers until April when I got into it.



As far as PTX related notices go:

Kirstin: follows me, has liked many of my tweets, blog comments & IG posts, has replied to me several times on Twitter & her blog.
Kevin: 1 reply
Avi: 1 reply
SuperFruit: Follows me
PTX: Follows me, liked 1 tweet, retweeted 1 tweet during the Christmas special
Jeremy: has replied to me a few times & liked a few of my tweets & IG posts
Candice: a few likes and 1 RT
Nicole: liked 1 or 2 of my IG posts


Olaf just like one of my tweets. :smiley:


Omg, but wait… dogs have paws… how did hit the like button?


Like all stars he has a staff to handle things like that for him. :joy:


So I posted this on FB and Mike Grassi liked it. (Not my kitty!)


Ok so they’ve all ready seen my tattoo but they commented on my Instagram picture today and totally made my day!! I love them!


I feel like you’re super close to being their BFF!


Aw I would love that. I love how interactive they are!


One of the Home Free guys just followed me on twitter lol.



There is Periscope, Live.Me, Instagram Live, FaceBook Live, and more. WAAAAY too many!


For real why can’t we just pick one and stick with it.


Scott- I’m doing a livestream on live.me!
Me- downloads it
Kevin- Join me on Periscope!
Me- uninstalls live.me to make room for periscope, missed half the livestream with the time that took.
Some youtuber I like- Who’s gonna join me on You Now?
Me- Ugh.


You have live.ly? whats your user?


Idk what my user is. I don’t have it installed.


I don’t know why i asked… You legit said that and i… i dont know :joy:


It’s all goods.


Avi liked one of my tweets on Monday!


Us The Duo liked my tweet this morning about their songs being in the playlist that was sent to me.
I love the songs in the playlist!
I’ve listened to it all the way through :two_hearts: