Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


This dude called Bart Baker followed me on Twitter.
His account has 1.2M followers and he is verified so I guess he is kinda famous.
Thing is, I dont even know who he is, never liked any of his tweets, never commented


Me last week:

Avi like
Kirstin DM

This week:

Kirstin DM
Superfruit like
Mitch like
PTX like

I’m in a complete state of shock & euphoria


well shit you have a good life m8 XD


you lucky one but you are very active on twitter so you deserve it!


Thank you!! I’m proud to support PTX & all they do


My exact reaction when he followed me :joy:


He parodies things.


Over 250 replies to her original tweet & mine is the first one she picks to share with her followers.
She’s such a sweet soul & I know her dad would be so proud of her.


bart baker tries to expand his scene by just following every account he can ever find ok

he followed me and like every single one of my twitter friends so like yeah


I have these DVDs of when she was young and he was still alive. Now I feel like rewatching them.


Kevin’s mom liked one of my tweets.


I was literally at work when I got the notification and literally was struggling not to cry… honestly they make me so happy!


PTX DMed me today!!! Was probably Scott, lol


I don’t even try anymore :joy::joy:
Gave up on being noticed in general by anyone. :joy:
I get lucky every now and again with the cast of a livestream I watch but that’s about it.


I don’t really try either which I guess is part of what it made it so special.


Dave Bautista (Drax from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) retweeted me a few weeks ago.


Well not really famous but made me laugh… I had a conversation with the official coke accout today.



Her album sounds so good!



PTX liked & replied to me on Twitter & IG
Kirstin liked
Kevin liked

WOWZERS https://twitter.com/amazingjr87/status/850492254091440128


Sup3rfruit was my first follower on Twitter. And I had just made that account.