Have you been noticed by someone famous?!


I was watching the Superfruit live stream and something happened and so I commented and a couple minutes later they read my comment! They didn’t read who wrote it, but they did read it!


one time, Chester Lockhart dmed me back and messaged 3 hearts.


mine aren’t that monumental, but here:

VINCINT liked my comment x6
SUPERFRUIT read my comment during a livestream
Beau Sloane replied to my comment

hopefully i can add to this list someday


My freshmen year I had to do a 10 minute presentation for my theater final. I got Kunqu Opera (which is a form of Chinese opera). On study day I was researching and making my presentation, when I saw that Kevin was doing a Facebook live from Hawaii. That was the one thing that could make me take a break during studying. I wanted to ask him something, but I couldn’t think of anything. I had my presentation on the brain. I did learn that Kunqu Opera had an orchestra and I knew Kevin was interested in Chinese culture. So out of curiosity I asked him if he knew Kunqu Opera. I couldn’t believe he saw it. I remember he said he knew Bejing Opera. I think he said something about performing for Chinese New Year. If anyone ever gets a chance to go to China, maybe you can call me up and we’ll check out Kunqu Opera together. And yes, I did get an A on my presentation. :joy:




Oh… oops… why not


he left a ptx gc i was in


Matt Sallee liked my Instagram comment on his post.
Max Schneider liked one of my tweets.


I have such a crush on Max Schneider. :two_hearts:


Ayy. I almost did.


Kevan Kenney wished me a happy birthday on Facebook! :sob: :heart:


He’s the host at Billboard. I’m subscribed to Billboard on Facebook and I got to friends with him after leaving so many fangirl comments. :joy:

Just for the heck of it, here is his interview with Kirstin after she released L O V E: