Heartbroken, But Still Going Strong


Hi, guys. So, it saddens me to say that… due to circumstances I can’t explain at the moment… Hector and I unfortunately broke up.


I will do my absolute best to prove to everyone that I will bounce back, and show Hector that I’ll be the better person.

Thank you all for the continued love and support.

I’ll admit, this does hurt, and I will be thinking about Hector for a while, but… we made an agreement.

We would eventually get back together, but once the two of us have had enough time to reflect for a bit.

That’s all from me for now. Thanks again, guys. Love y’all.


So sorry that y’all are having a rough time. Prayers for both of you.


You’ll definitely bounce back. Never say never and it’s great that you stayed positive despite the heartbreak. :kissing_heart:


Now, being a girl that’s never dated or had a first kiss before…here I go.

Takes a deep breath and holds it before letting it out

Try and smile and remember, at least it wasn’t in a negative way, right? Some breakups are worse than others. Hell, some girlfriends/boyfriends even hurt or kill their lovers when they’re broken up with and be glad that you’re not like that hahaha! But yeah! Keep going girl! You’re kind, talented, and beautiful and unique! AND you’re also positive!