Hello, Hello! Driving, New School, and Stuff!


Hi! To whoever reads this whenever, I’ve been up since 5:00 am, sleeping in a car crushed by luggage. My parents and I are driving for 5 hours to take my sister up to a marine lab where she’s studying for college junior year. I just thought I’d write since I’ll be stuck in the car for a while.

So let’s see…I started sophomore year at a new college last week. I’m an English major. There was an eclipse viewing. I’m taking English, and an Honors critical reading and writing class. There’s only one other honors student in my Anthropology class and we both have to give a 30 minute presentation at the end of the semester. :fearful:

Math is going well so far, but it’s still my worst subject. For most of my classmates, it’s thier second time taking the class. :fearful:

I missed chior auditions, but the one in charge was really sweet about it and brought me in for an audition and vocal placement. I got into Collegiate Choir. I’m a soprano 2 (mezzo-soprano). ♬♫♪

My Acting 1 class is really fun. I get to see at least 3 shows and write reviews for a grade and my theater professor’s cute. :heart_eyes: lol! :joy:

In conclusion, I’m eclipsing sophomore year 75% sure that technology is on my side for upcoming homework/projects. :joy:

Okay, bye!