Help! I Want/Need Writing Tips/Advice/ShortCuts


So, I just realized as I was switching novels that I keep using the same narrators and main characters voice and personality wise and they’re COMPLETELY different books. How do I change that? I want all of my MCs to be unique but when they sound and act the same, then it’s hard to meet that goal. Help please? Is there a way to change/avoid this?


if you like acting, i would try to imagine yourself AS the character you’re writing?


If you were to make a movie from the story who would play that character and how would they act?


That’s hard…I mostly watched movies based on the plot. Sure, I like some characters and actors but I pay more attention to the scenes and who’s cute and who isn’t…


Try to turn the character into a real person. It would be simpler if you know of someone you can use as a template. Then as you write you can ask how that person would say something or how would they react in that situation.


Giiiiiirl you know I’m all about this stuff. Emerse yourself into that character’s shoes. If you were going through what the main character is or has the character’s background, how would you act? How are they like it most situations? How do they handle problems?


Pull from so many different existing characters that it makes a new one. If there’s an actor that you really love, watch a bunch of their stuff and then combine the different characters they’ve played. That way, when you’re writing, you can picture that actor and it will make it easier to not blend characters. Another thing you can do is download sims 4 create a sim demo and make the characters on there. It will save to your origin account and then you can look back at their personalities and the way you initially pictured them.


Thanks a lot!


No problem!