Help Please! I've Got A Common Teen Issue!


I can’t tell whether I have zits or pimples but it went from one of them to…well…you can see down below.

Thing is, it’s Thursday and Saturday is Homecoming. I need help on how to remove them FAST (besides cleaning my face because that takes time) and how to do it easily without having to do crazy, messy things.

Please help a fellow teenager out!!!


Wash in that area very well as often as possible. If you live near a grocery/store (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Publix, etc), pick up a tube of Clearasil vanishing/nude acne cream. Try to avoid putting on makeup in that area as it can clog your pores (which can cause acne).

If they form quickly at a rapid rate, contact your parents or see a doctor - if you’re using any new makeup or facial, stop using it for some time and see if it clears up. It may be a light allergic reaction…

Sincerely, a dude who doesn’t wear makeup


I rarely use makeup unless it’s for a random reason like, for fun or a special/certain event. I also mostly use lip stuff anyways


Good news! I used the toothpaste trick I saw online. After that I used pimple ointment, and now it’s back to being a plain solo pimple! It’s still a pimple, but it’s better than it being a ton of other scattered pimples!


Fluoride (or oral treatments) are great acne reducers. Keep applying it and it should go away for a while…