Hey, guess what


You should watch Be More Chill.




yes shut up


Never heard of it. If it’s on Netflix, I don’t have access to it :sleepy:


It’s a musical. Album’s on YouTube.

This loser geek called Jeremy who has a friend named Michael hears about this thing called a Squip from his bully, Rich. Rich has a Squip and what it is is a pill that contains a tiny computer (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor) that travels to your brain and tells you what to do to be cool. It takes on a holographic form, for Jeremy it looks like Keanu Reeves (not actually played be Keanu Reeves). So Jeremy’s all cool now and is trying to impress the cool kids but most of all his crush, an energetic girl named Christine who loves theatre. But in the process, and because the Squip blocked him from his field of vision, Jeremy has a falling out with Michael, his best friend of 12 years. What follows is Michael having a panic attack in the bathroom, then other stuff happens and I won’t spoil anymore.

Uh, any questions?

Also it’s based on a book.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDyIcVOv2Q4 Intro song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYmI2PEosOo&list=PLY84eEwKZ-dPJDNIDJAJdxxbCIvcwNVns&index=3 Christine song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj1P-5Ey4dU&list=PLY84eEwKZ-dPJDNIDJAJdxxbCIvcwNVns&index=16 Michael song

Just to get you started

Um there are some adult themes such as drugs, alcohol, weeds, attempted sexual assault, casual mentions of suicide, probable attempted suicide and mild swearing.


i have before and i REALLY disliked it so . NO !


i watched it before and listened to the album too but idk i didnt really like it…the musicals just kinda not my style ig…i have a friend who really likes it tho!


ok ok… Agree to disagree


That’s fair enough. For me it grew on me, it wasn’t love at first sight or anything


i really like michael in the bathroom


omg remember when max was obsessed with bmc


Yea I reckon that’s the best one personally


i am in LOVE with the bridge


The panicy part?


yeah it’s just so good


yeah it is.