Homework Help Topic


Since school has started in most areas, I thought about this and decided to create a homework help thread!

This is basically a thread where anyone can come here and type the questions to homework problems, and get assistance(or answers) for the problems!

Good idea?

Weird Homework question
KC’s Famous Topics

i thought of doing this a few weeks ago lol.


Umm yeah! Great idea! (I’ll probably be using this thread alot lol)


Well, I am the #1 answer key finder on this forum lol


This is a really good idea! I’m definitely going to use this for help


This is great! I have math homework everyday, and I struggle in math so I will probably be asking a lot of math problems haha.


This will be a great post! But can I just suggest that anyone who is giving answers, also tell how/where they got their answer?


I wrote to give the answer AND provide assistance.


Yeah as I read it the first time it look like you meant them as separate things, but I get it now! :slight_smile:



**No help lol**

I asked a question and no one saw it, I changed the title so people could see that I needed help, but no one helped.
I would understand if no one knew, but it would of been a little helpful if people said so.
Hours later, someone just liked it lol.

(P.S. I will help people if I am able! I am excellent at Language Arts/English)
(P.P.S. This wasn't a diss or anything, I'm just bored, loosing at LoZ)


On that Pangaea question, it’s because when it split into separate continents, the ocean currents go between the different continents and gravity causes those currents


lol i got it now. i forgot my best friend has the same exact class, so i just got the answers from him. :joy:




this is not a question/problem but can I just say
how ANNOYING permutations and combinations (maths) are !!! anyone in grade 10+ will know
sorry haha but i have an exam tomorrow and Im so bad at perms and combs omg


I’m a junior…I take Statistics because it’s the easiest thing alive
(you don’t deal with X except when finding missing values in graphs)


hahah omg i hate statistics … sorry what is junior? (im from australia) like what year level is it? sorry… might be a stupid question


freshman = 9th
sophomore = 10th
junior = 11th
senior = 12th


ahh right we are in the same grade then!!


i always get confused because junior in Australia is year 7-10 and senior is 11-12
So i thought you were in year 10 or below lol but i knew you were older than that haha


oh my gawd. my parents ground me if i bring up statistics :joy: they hate it SOOOOOOOOMAJ.