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The graph below shows the temperature of ocean water at different depths.

The thermocline is observed between



In your own words, explain the impact of favorable oceanic conditions on human behavior.


I’m confused because I’m not studying that at this point in my life. But are they basically asking how the conditions of the ocean change human behavior?


i don’t know! :sob:


If that’s the case I would basically just think about how humans react or adapt in different/favorable conditions.

Honestly, I have no idea though.


At the bottom of the graph it says “The thermocline is observed between”. I think that is referring to the fact that you see a big temperature increase between 100 and 200m.


The only thing I can think of would be that people would continue going to the beach which helps the economy. People flock to the beaches especially during summer boosting hotel profits or giving summer jobs, etc. What do you think? Maybe even cruise vacation spots…I don’t know.


Match the day and time of the year and location


So I have this assignment in school where we have to complete a graphic organizer for The Lady or the Tiger.

For people who have read it, you know how it goes. For those who haven’t, if you have the time: http://www.english-literature.uni-bayreuth.de/en/teaching/documents/courses/Stockton1.pdf

I need help because I don’t know what the essential conflict is:

conflict between the man and the trial in the king’s arena
the princess’s inner conflict on whether she should save the man or let him die

Help please!


The guy had to choose. Mostly essential.


What property is 1*ab=ab ?


Identity of multiplication?


1 x ab=ab is basically abxab=ab, so Communitive


Your probably right but my notes say that when its multiplied by one its identity.
I have the same assignment.
And wouldn’t ab*ab be ab to the second power?


Yes, that is the identity property of multiplication. The commutative property says that ab = ba.


Just a warning that these next couple hours or so, there’s probably going to be a lot of questions here. I’m doing algebra corrections.


If a+b is negative, which statement must be true?

a) a>0, b<0
b) a<0
c) a<0, b>0
d) a<-b


I am pretty sure it is d) a < -b.

Because if a is smaller than -b, then that means that a would have to be negative too. And a negative plus another negative is a negative number. Ex. -2 + -6 = -8.
So for a + b to be negative, a < -b


Thanks! Only two more to go.


Now I need help with #15.

I just don’t know how to explain what they did wrong. I see it. I just don’t know what words to use.