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Wow you got some complicated homework…


For maths, I’m doing this thing about starting a catering business and I have to ‘determine the annual costs of a weekly advertisement in two suitable magazines or local newspapers that you think your target market would read.’ The problem is I can’t find the advertisment costs in the newspapers or online. Can you please help?
Edit- I phoned the newspaper- I’m all good now.

The newspapers I am using are The Hauraki Herald and The Waikato Times.

And what’s a good name for a catering business? I was thinking Food 4 U, like Bad 4 Us by Superfruit.


You could try looking up the publishers of each newspaper… A local one of mine (The Ledger) is owned by Ledger Media Group, and they are in charge of all billing and distribution.


We’re learning about projectiles in physics but I don’t think I’m doing this right; the teacher gives us a hint of the answer right next to the question and it’s not what I got (they’re not coordinates btw). It could be a scientific notation thing but she always puts in the scientific notation if there is any needed…pls help


Your equation to find delta xland is wrong…

xfinal = x0 + v0x*t + 0.5a(t^2)


xfinal = 0 + 5.07*(1.37) + 0 <— acceleration for x is zero

xfinal = 0 + 5.07(1.37) = 6.954 meters


i only have

Statement: ΔABC ~ ΔGEF
Proof: AA postulate

is that all i need orrrr??
(im only on here for hw help ppl… hush.)


Yeah I realized at school that I accidentally put in ay instead of ax :sweat:

Thank you for responding!


I’m trying to remember my Geometry. Can you say that angles BCA and DCE are congruent? Sot that would mean that BCA and GFE are congruent. Angles DEC and GEF should also be congruent so that would make ABC and GEF congruent also. Since two of the three angles are the same then the third angel must also be the same. Hence the two triangles are similar.


Can you help?
I forgot how to find the percent of decrease/increase.


Physics is literally the language of the AP world


hi…I just cannot understand this assignment - tried everything I could think of (calculating radius of a circle inside of equilateral triangle, making sphere’s radius a cathetus of a new triangle and calculating it with cos, sin or tan) but nothing worked…don’t want to use things like http://www.enotes.com/homework-help/topic/geometry or http://yourhomeworkhelp.org/geometry-homework-help/ …probably someone here has any ideas…


Does anyone know how to do this?


What are you trying to figure out? What x is?


It was simplifying. We went over it in class later



Thanks :))


oh…here’s the link to the assignment - http://i.imgur.com/eYcpHTU.png …thanks


How do you write a research paper without being really repetitive? To me, my paper just sounds like I’m repeating the same thing over and over again and I’m only on the second page.


Depending on your research, you should talk about it chronologically(sequence of events) and then as a summary.


It’s for an intro to the arts class (so basically art history) and I’m writing it on a church and what makes it gothic. There’s really not that much history that goes into that aspect. There’s a lot of random information on it, but other than that, there’s just the basic stuff.