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Try asking yourself these kinds of questions you could answer in your paper:
• How is Gothic art defined? What particular stylistic choices are made that makes a work of art Gothic?
• How does the Gothic period/style compare to the art movement before (location-wise)?

And like, see how you can incorporate that with the church you’re researching on.

Hope that helped :)! I’m just basing this off of my art history class btw


I have to give a speech in my class, but the topic my teacher gave me is very general: “School problems”.
Can you give me any ideas on what should I talk about?


Maybe bullying. It is such a big problem these days.


I second Bullying as your topic. It’s a huge problem.


I 3rd, bullying is a growing problem everyone - not just kids - are facing nowadays, especially cyberbullying now with the popularity of social media, and every kid having a phone. If you have time, maybe interview kids (not your friends, other kids) or parents to see their perspective and put it in your speech as examples.


I need help!!!

Use the Distributive Property to evaluate this expression.
(5 - 7) (- 3) = _________



(i think this is right?)




Be ready becuase Ima need y’alls help


Cassandra uses 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar to make 2 and 3/4 dozen cookies. How may cups of sugar should Cassandra use to make 1 dozen cookies?


u are given the ratio of sugar to cookie which is
1.5 to 2.75
therefore the new ratio is
x to 1
x is the unknown amount of sugar needed for 1 dozen of cookies
use cross multiplication and you get x=0.54545454 etc.

Round up to 0.55
0.55cups of sugar needed for 1 dozen cookies


Science question:


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