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@MonaysMontage American maths must be harder than NZ maths because I’m 2 years older than you and have a distinction in maths and it would take me a while to figure out the answers to your questions. I do remember my maths teacher saying that it’s easy for us until year 11 then BOOM! everything is much more difficult.


Now you changed your pic! :heart_eyes:


I did! Your new one encouraged me to change mine. Plus I’ve had an Avi obsession the pst few months and am going through withdrawals since I haven’t seen any new pictures.


Aww! That’s great! I can totally understand that!


I need a text - year 12 level, for english that covers the aspect of DISCOVERY. The character can experience a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discovery or a combination.
It can’t be a film or short story or a novel. Preferably something short like a poem.
Any ideas? I need them quick!! THANKYOU :heart:



Here’s a PDF of a lesson plan about the American Dream for 11th/12th grade…I call that discovery :joy:


You could do the road less traveled by Robert frost. That deals with a lot of self discovery


I read that


i don’t need help. i just want to show you how effing stupid this HOPE course is.

Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

(03.01 MC)

Jessica and Francis are best friends. Francis exercises every day, but Jessica is only active once in a while. Based on the information you know, who is more likely to go to college?


Wow lol. I’m an exercise science major and can tell you that exercise habits don’t effect your ability to go to college :joy:


I’m going to guess that the theory is that if you are disciplined enough to follow a daily exercise routine then that same discipline tends to apply to your study habits which makes you more likely to go to college.


nvm i did it dont mind me


You are literally a jack of all trades


I can help with

  • Beginning Level French

  • Most math

  • Biology

  • Some Chemistry

  • European History/US History/World History


So we’re doing graphs in maths and I would love some help with gradients, plotting, intercepts, stuff like that. I always forget how to do it. I don’t have a paticular question but if anyone has any good resources that would be great




Anyone know anything that I could do for spiritual or social well being?
Ex- For Social I have ‘I hang out with my friends’


Spiritual could relate to church, and social well being is community service


has anyone read Macbeth…??


A while ago.