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if you like, you can send me questions and I can try to help you. Im in year 12 so if you’re in a younger grade I can help! it would be good practise for me too :slight_smile: xxx


I’m in year 11. Thanks


But I’m in a top maths group (Idk how) and we’re doing some Year 12 maths apparently.


Aw nice! I’m in top maths class too :slight_smile: idk how as well XD send me questions if u want and I’ll see if I can do them. can’t garrentee I know the answer though!


Who was General MacArthur and what role did he play in the conduct of the Korean war?


Nvm :blush::blush::joy:


If anyone is confident with Yr 12 Chemistry please message me i need help with Galvanic Cells! (some hard ones)


How do you find the volume of a pyramid?






volume of pyramid: 1/3 (Area of Base x height)


Right, we’re doing a project for our English class and I need some ideas for how to work it…
We’re doing a short film based on The Red Room by HG Wells and we need help for costumes. If anyone has any ideas on the project whatsoever


How do I write this as an equation?

Provider Cherry- $70 flat fee for any number of texts up to 1000
Additional charges apply over 1000 texts.


t = total number of texts
x = total monthly payment

70 + (t - 1000) could be something - the question is pointless without the amount for the extra charge


Do you know how I would show that on a graph?


if you collected the data you probably could



Y=70 when 0<or=x< or=1000
Y=mx+b when x>1000

You’d have to know the additional charges fees


While school is coming to an end, I feel this topic should still be available.



I just now realized I created this topic before my class started and now look where we’re at :joy:


School starts next week