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I need some math help please!

22.3 - 21.4

Also, please give the steps/logic as to how you got the answer.


Do you still need help?


22.3 - 21.4

22 - 21 = 1
3 - 4 = -1
Since we decrease 1 from the decimal (making it .1), it comes to 0.9.


Thank you so much!


I’m back for more help :joy:

“Write a word problem that can be evaluated by the algebraic expression y - 95, and evaluate it for y = 125”


y= 125 so you’ll rewrite your equation as

                  125 - 95 = 

And as for the word problem, I usually write something similar to: Mitch had 125 bananas but he gave 95 away. How many does he have left?

Or in the algebraic expression :
Mitchell had y amount bananas. He sells 95. If y= 125, how many bananas does he have left?

I think that makes sense… I haven’t done this type of math in awhile.:confused:


Hi friends! I need some more math help.

“A company’s stock price dropped 10$ a week for one year. How much will it have decreased by the end of the year?”


10 dollars per week and there are 52 weeks in a year, so just multiply 10 x 52.


But the numbers decreasing, would I divide instead?


No, think of it like this
Week one they are down by 10
Week two down by 20
Week three down by 30 and so on

They are losing 10 each week so we multiply by the number of weeks(52) for a total loss/decrease of $520.

If need be, write it as -520 dollars since it’s a loss.


Can someone message me? There is a lot of math homework and I don’t know what to do.


Does someone want to help with this possibly? Some are easy, some, in my opinion, not as much

Chapter 8 - Scriptwriting

For each of the program formats listed below, create a television show that is appropriate to each format. Give a short description of what your show is about, topics of conversation, content, etc.


Panel Discussion:

Interview: The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. He hosts a late night show where he does skits, talks to famous people, and talks about pop culture and news




Music Video:




I need help with writing symbol equations and balancing them and what not. For example, how do i write a balanced symbol equation for Hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate?

I also need help on how to not be nervous for speeches.


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