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Exactly and when my mom’s friend gets excited she will also start talking very fast. If she is talking to me I just smile and nod and try to pick up as much as possible.


That’s possible I guess… In my experiences GT mess up a lot so I’m a little scared to use it for an entire sentence.


I used it for Spanish a lot and it really helps until the verbs don’t turn out right


yes that’s exactly what I’m worried about “avoir été fermé” I never understood it…


You could always translate it into French and then back into English to see how close to the original it gets.


Yes that’s a good idea! I also found out the English-French translation works way better than Dutch-French…


]The graph below shows the radioactive decay of a material whose half life is 30 years.

In your own words, explain why only 125 gram of the radioactive material will be left after 90 years.


i think i know this one, am unsure.


A half life of 30 years means that the amount of radioactive material is reduced by half every 30 years. If you start with 1000 grams there will be 500 after 30 years, 250 after 60 years, and 125 after 90 years.


lol thanks.



In your own words, explain the role of scientific investigation in the development of the Theory of Adaptation.

I don’t really understand wut it’s asking??


I’m pretty sure @ajptx101 knows everything 0_0

######that’s a compliment


this is what i said… is this right??

Scientists use scientific investigation to answer questions about the world. It is used to most of the theories, including the Theory of Natural Selection.


cause i need to hurry up and turn this in and i need a good grade on it lol.


That looks right. Wait! Your still in school?


yeah lol. i do virtual (online)


This thread has been successful in showing me just how much I have forgotten since I was in school. :flushed:


I think it’s asking for specifics how it would be used to develop the Theory of Adaption like studying the same species in different environments to see what differences have developed because of their environment.


Tell me about it. :frowning:


Me too lol
and i’m a junior