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So we are about to work on the yearbook online…yay for being apart of the yearbook staff. Wish me luck cause I have a feeling im going to mess something up :tired_face:


You’re going to do great but a little extra luck never hurts.


I am too…let me guess: Jostens Yearbook Avenue?


@EmmaKG this is the homework help thread. Everyone is really helpful and if you have a last minute homework question…


Can someone please explain the Townshend Acts to me? I honestly don’t understand most of what the internet is telling me. So in like teenage English form…


lol sorry.


Same we have the same assignment. I don’t understand if either!!


The big uproar about the Townshend Acts was that the British government imposed a series of new taxes against the American colonies with no involvement of the colonies. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Taxation without representation” that is where is comes from. It was a key factor that lead to the revolutionary war.


Wow! Thanks. I literally don’t understand why I have to read through 2 pages of information for that.


I thought that was the stamp act? But I could definitely be wrong.


Wasn’t the Townshend acts more the one law? Like 4? Idk. Good thing its not due tomorrow.


The stamp act was with British taxes by paying for stamps and stamping taxes in the official spot on a lot of goods

It was part of the Townsend acts, like the Tea Act, which closed down the harbor after the BTP