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Omg no problem. Here’s a link to Squeeze theorem cause I’m sorta sick and I really don’t feel like trying to remember it. The basic idea is that if you have three different equations and one of them is less and the other is more, then whenever they reach the same ‘y’ value, so does the middle one.


Sorry i have a question with the last picture (last line). -x times 1 isn’t -x ?? So when you take the limit will it just get 0?\

EDIT:: sorry i realised you just canceled x with the denominator. Sorry, so dumb lol


Omg thank you so much for the help! I think I better understand it. I really appreciate you sharing your notes. It was helpful. Thank you!! :smiley:


Kudos on your explanation. I always hated those,


No problem! I’m glad I could help!


Does anybody know how to summarize the Monroe Doctrine? I have to study it for American history but I don’t really understand what it’s all about.


a principle of US policy, originated by President James Monroe in 1823, that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the US.


This seemed to sum it up fairly well:

Primarily the work of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, the Monroe
Doctrine forbade European interference in the American hemisphere but
also asserted U.S. neutrality in regard to future European conflicts.



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Hi everyone!! I hope you all are having an amazing day :blush: I need some help on science homework, so here is the question:

Rudy O’Reilly is soil scientist. He is pouring water through soil and measuring how much water it makes through the soil. Which soil characteristic is Rudy O’Reilly MOST LIKELY measuring?


lmaoo sorry. im not good at this stuff.


I’m going to guess that he is testing it’s water capacity. By measuring how much water makes it through he can determine how much stayed in the soil.


My science teacher throws things at his students. That had nothing to do with homework but…


its related to school, so. :joy:


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