How to Not be Clingy


Okaay… So, I feel like I’m being really clingy in my relationship. Erin doesn’t seem like she minds, but this is what ended her last relationship: The guy was really clingy. Does anyone have any advice on how not to be clingy?


I would give you advice but, I don’t fully comprehend what your trying to say? If you could give me an example then there’s a possibility I would understand better. Good luck with your relationship.


Example: I always text her and when she doesn’t respond I continue to do so. I also call her everyday even if we don’t even say anything to each other


Thank you for the example to clarify so, I think what you need to do is to give her some time and space to recover because when a person is like that, the thoughts, feelings, and the guilt that they had in the last relationship might come again and it will feels like they can make the same mistakes to ruin the relationship once more; basically she doesn’t want to make the errors in this relationship or she doesn’t feel like opening up to you yet. But, when she feels like opening up to you, try to understand what she is saying or feels.


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