How's everyone doing?


i feel like it’s quiet on here at the moment. anything exciting happen to you guys?


I was at Grad Bash on Saturday, although I don’t know of any users here that went.


Watching the countdown clock waiting for VIP to go on sale this morning.



I got to spend the weekend in Miami with my sister and by beautiful niece who just turned two!


Follow up.

I got Backstage Performance (formerly known and Private Performance)!


uhh a lot lmao. i moved to new mexico and am in theatre and they are so cool and sweet!

aaaaaaand… as soon as my parents get paid, my dad is buying us (me and my dad, not my mom) tickets to the pit! ill try to convince him to get VIP but im not sure.


ooh exciting!!! i wish they’d come to australia…


That’s exciting!!


My school’s senior prank got ruined by the principal and vice. They clearly dont understand that we do this every year and that it’s just a prank and that the seniors always clean up afterward. So now i can’t go to class until they clean it up now


aww that sucks i’m sorry


what did they do?


this is one of the things they did

And it was just a damn prank, the old vice principle liked it on twitter


I mean just making y’all clean it up is way better than my school. My senior year you would get expelled if you participated. We pranked the band director and that was ok because it was a band thing (the seniors always pranked his car on senior night) but anything done to the school was automatic expulsion or banned from walking at graduation


there are consequences at my school, the seniors could risk losing the Class Trip.Prom and even graduation, and the principal said that my class (Class of 2019) would be banned from doing a senior prank next year because of what this year’s seniors did. But on the bright side, the seniors did this to my Choir teacher this year which was really sweet.


That’s cute!! We tepeed his wrapped his car in plastic wrap and wrote all over the windows then later teepeed his house (although we also have him a sweet senior gift)


That is so beautiful!!! :heart_eyes:


It was finals week, so I took a little break from Kirstin Connect. My Theatre Design professor told me she had more work from me than anyone else in the class. She says I got an A, but the rest of my grades this semester are still TBA.


Nothing glamorous has happened to me, but a lot of my friends have been blessed recently. Go to 365 Days.


OMG THAT’S SUCH A GOOD IDEA! What’s that in the jar (like what is it made of?)


I think inside the jar is a plastic Treble Clef note, glitter and i think water ??. and thank you it was one of the seniors in my Chorus class that did it and i agree that it is an amazing idea