How's everyone doing?


Well this past week-ish has been nicely busy with working at weeding and other landscaping chores at mom’s. Research for my book has been interesting too. I have been watching documentaries about the Beaver! Why? Well, when a pair of young beaver come calling at the village founders door to ask if they can move into the local waterways and start working, I need to know as much as possible so I can accurately describe the situation and the improvements they make to the entire system. After all, Stephanie (That’s Kirstie reincarnated 500 years from now), and her village are transferred to a new totally unspoiled planet, but it’s still somewhat unfinished in someways. Quite literally in one area that the village looks out over. That however is left as a reward for another character…

Believe it or not, beavers do an awful lot of good for any place they move into. There is a place in northeastern Nevada called; Susie Creek, that just over twenty years ago, was nothing but desert. Not much wild life, the creek itself was only a foot or so wide and a few inches deep. It dried up quickly after the rains, until a beaver couple moved in. That area now is green for more than twenty miles along the creek. The creek itself is now much deeper, wider and never dries up. Because of this, the Sand-hill crane, which was in decline as a species is now seeing a come back. Wildlife in general is once again flourishing because of the work of the beavers. There are several dams along the creek, which I have seen on Google Earth, another one of my research toys, uh, tools.

The young beaver couple that comes to Stephanie, escorted by Haniel, one of the Arch Angels that guard the “Tree of Life”, whose name means, “Grace of God”. She acts as escort to the beavers while Lilly, who used to be a 2 inch tall fairy acts as translator for the pair. At least for the first part, then little Kellie takes over the translation for Kenny (Avi reincarnated), Stephanie’s husband as the boys talk about the best place to start building and what the future progression shall be. The village has a lot of potential as it is about five miles wide by approximately seven miles long with plenty of waterways to work with. Planning succession planting of food trees for the beavers and the subsequent generations must be planned out as well.

Stephanie plays hostess to the young female and as the Head physician and the “Second” vet in the village offers not only tea and snacks which Lilly gathered for her, but full health exams. In doing so, as the offer is accepted, she discovers it is not only humans who have developed the third gender which has been developing over the past hundred years or so. That’s right, the third gender is introduced here. The Japanese myths of their old world Gods had some of them appearing to be female, only they had the full working bits of both genders. They could be both father and mother…, no, not to themselves either. That would require them having two different sets of DNA, which doesn’t happen. The world of The Phi-nal Redemption has a population divided into thirds instead of halves like ours. Oh, and the Angels who survived Armageddon spend their recovery time form their varying depths of PTSD as rather large dogs. As in, Kenny is six foot eight inches tall and Gabriel looks him eye to eye. After all, the Angels average height is about nine cubits or thirteen and a half feet tall. They are of course diminished in size due to their recent ordeal, but they are still tall.