How's your school year been doing?


OR if you’re not in school how’s your september + very few days of october been? i hope you guys have been doing good :heart:


Besides the world’s most boring professor I have for english, every other class is going pretty good. Anatomy and physiology is my hardest class, but I absolutely love it. (Plus the new season of TV is amazing so far)


oof, i’m getting really decent grades, so not too bad! a bit stressful though.


lmaoo i’m sorry about ur professor. i’m glad you’re liking your other classes (+ tv) though lmao


i"M PROUD OF U FOR GETTING GOOD GRADES!! tbh it’s always stressful though


I absolutely can’t stand my first block teacher (Algebra 1). She refuses to call me Monay. She keeps calling me Isis no matter how many I tell her I prefer my middle name. I’m doing good in the class, but she always finds some reason to hate on me.

I love my second block (Theatre). There’s a lot more writing than I expected, but it’s still fun. I also love my teacher, she calls me a different goddess everyday.

Third block is my best class (world geography). I didn’t expect to be so good at it honestly. My teacher is so chill.

Fourth block. Oh fourth block… I can’t stand fourth block… (English 1). It’s like my school took all of the horrible students and put them in one class. My teacher also has a major attitude.

But overall it’s been okay. It’s my first year of high school and I honestly expected worse


i’ll try to respond to these in paragraphs too lol.

i’m sorry that your teacher treats you that way UGH maybe be mean back sdkjfksdl no don’t do that but idk i hope you figure it out!

that goddess thing is super cute and i’m glad you’re liking that class!! i wish i had a theatre class at my school SIGH i’m not in high school yet though so i don’t know.

i love chill teachers and geography is so lit

LKJSDLJFDSKJFSDJJ there’s a class like that at my school too so hhhh i get how u feel

in the end i’m glad ur first year of high school is going well so far!!! i hope u continue to PROSPER MY GUY :heart: