I Had the Most Beautiful Monday Night in the World! 👠


Ladies, gentleman, for those who didn’t read my last diary entry…

Well it happened! I saw Kinky Boots!!! Not Broadway…Columbia, SC in the Kroger Center…only takes like an hour to drive to there from Rock Hill…I still have school tomorrow… :joy: The performances were ten times better than I could ever imagine and I’ve seen so many YouTube videos, I pretty much anticipated every move. People really do clap along to “Raise You Up/Just Be.” :joy: At the final bows, I couldn’t resist screaming, “I love you, Lola!” :joy: My only regret is that my sister is still in school so it was just me, Mom and Dad. I only took a selfie of myself though…Dad gets annoyed whenever I pull out my phone for pictures. :joy: I always wanted to see the show and never thought I was going to see it anytime soon. Leaving tonight, Mommy told me, “Anything’s possible.” :sob: :heart:

The most beautiful Monday night in the world. :high_heel:

And yes, I did wear red for this occasion. Red is the color of :heart:


That’s amazing Kyra!!! I’m so happy for you! I got Dear Even Hansen tickets for Christmas and I still can’t believe that they’re real and I’ll see it in April.


Thank you Katie and congrats too! Let me know how the show goes. :heart: I seriously just came out of script analysis and told my professor all the different lights and other scenery she taught me in design and lighting that were used in the show. She hasn’t seen Kinky Boots but she should!!!


wow thats cool! ibet you had an amazing time.
monday is actually my unlucky day LOL
( i’m back :hugs:)




wOW!!! KYRA!!! I’m so happy for you, that must’ve been amazing!!!


Hi! Hi! :hugs: :heart:


It was too much for my fangirl heart. Mom held my hand every time one of the performers was about to sing one of my favorite songs. :joy: :heart:


omg monay! long time no see :blush:


hey kyra how are you? it’s really good to be back


I’m good! Welcome back! Happy 2019! :two_hearts:


I’m so glad you had such a good time!! Don’t scream at me, but I don’t know much about Kinky Boots. I’ve never seen it or heard any songs from it :flushed:.


Oh, then you probably don’t get some of the things I said in this entry where references from the musical. :sweat_smile:

Composer/lyricist is Cyndi Lauper - songs are AMAZING! :heart: