I haven't been on in forever (it's long)


I haven’t even read anything on here in so long oh my god. A lot has actually happened since I’ve been on here, so I actually have something to write.

I finished junior year less than spectacularly, so hopefully this year goes better! I’m holding onto the early college program by a thread, so this semester really matters. Fingers crossed I don’t freak out under the pressure! This year’s classes seem like I’ll do better in them though because I’m actually interested in them. I have biology, psychology and Spanish (which caused me to lose my crap the first day, but). In addition to this semester being important so I stay in the program, the first two classes are really important since I want to go in the medical field. Still have to find a job shadow for that, but I’m working on it.

I finally got started on getting my teeth straightened out! My eye teeth are way up there (thanks dad’s side) and all of my upper teeth have weird spacing. The orthodontists said that I have a small mouth (they clearly haven’t heard me talk), so they gave me expanders to try and make my mouth bigger (my family is thrilled about this). I decided to make mine blue and lime green tie dye with sparkles. The person that took the impressions said how you only have them once, so you might as well have fun with them. The only way you would really know I have them is when I talk I have quite the impressive lisp, so that’s fun. But the office is really good and they give you points you can trade in for gift cards. I already got a ten dollar Panera gift card, so that’s great.

Out of school, I went to Florida for a little over a week with my friend to visit our friend that moved last year. It was SO much fun! We went to Clearwater beach (so pretty), the aquarium, saw spiderman, and got a book (but added so many to my amazon wish list). Most of the time, we didn’t really do anything, but it was so nice to see her again since it had been about a year since we last saw her face to face. It’s all that friend’s fault that I’m obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack now. If you haven’t listened to it, I very highly recommend it. It was also only my second plane ride and my friend’s first, so it was pretty interesting at the airport and during take off. The closer boarding was, the more nervous I got on the way there. Getting through the airport was really easy for me since I randomly got TSA precheck both ways. Leaving Florida was the worst though, when we saw the signs for the airport my friend that was leaving and I both got pretty sad. I think her parents were happy to see us go though, not that we were bad, but 3 girls is a lot.

For my 17th birthday and my cousin’s 16th birthday, I told my grandma to get us Pentatonix tickets and kill two birds with one stone. She did and oh my god the concert was AMAZING. It was my second Pentatonix concert and it was better than last time. During Sing, Scott runs around the first section and gives high fives to people, and my cousin and I were SO CLOSE to getting a high five, but the light started to blind him, so he covered his eyes with his hand that was by us. Us the Duo sounded incredible, as always, and I finally got an Us the Duo shirt. Blew all the money I brought with me on two shirts, but they’re ten out of ten. Sidenote, that would have been a really good day to do an OU campus tour. I mean, (probably) get free food, a backpack, and then just walk over to the venue. Oh well.

Band camp was INSANE this year. I don’t think they’re going to be getting the good dorms next year, they’re probably going back to the jailhouse dorms (our Elvis show dorms). It was really weird to actually be called a senior and be one of the people the freshmen look up to. Giving a senior speech felt so weird, it was like “I’m not a senior, there’s older people here,” then realizing nope, you’re it. The class of 2018 are seniors this year. Our senior prank was really fun though. We put balloons in the hallway (probably right around 100 balloons) and wrote our memories from band on post its. It was really cool to read everyone else’s memories and remember all the funny things that happened during the past three years.

So I’ve had a pretty great summer, and I’m super excited for this year! I’m going to get a medal from band, a varsity letter for band, a special hoodie from the bowling team, and hopefully I’ll make varsity bowling! This year’s going to be insanely busy, but it will be fun.


Here’s the hallway at probably midnight (the parents made sure everyone else was in their dorms.)