(I Know That I Talk About This A Lot But, Please!)


I’ve talked/asked numerous times about you guys reading my Wattpad story but, (not trying to sound rude, honest! You guys know that I’d never sound rude unless it was for a legit good reason) I feel like nobody’s reading it even when they say they will. Friends at school as well! I’ll post on Insta, FB, and SC and people will like it or view it or comment but, never read it. They say they will but never do and honestly, it kinda hurts my feelings. All of this passionate hard work and nobody bothers to read it. I don’t know if they think that it’ll be bad (even though they’ve never read it) or they just don’t care/too lazy (I’m 100% talking about RL friends now. Don’t worry) but it does make me pissed off.

I have 10 chapters done and no friends have read it (except for one). Yes, ONE school friend has read it out of like, 100 or more! That’s AWFUL for a hard working writer like me! You trust people and are kind to literally, EVERYONE and nobody reads your story!

I’m sorry for the rant but this makes me not want to write much anymore if close friends lie about reading it or say they will but never do. I ask them if they’ve read it or not and they say, “Oh I forgot” or “I’ll read it later today” but never do! You don’t even need an account to read a WP story! I can tell if someone has read it or not by the views.

I don’t even want to post about it on Social Media anymore because I’ll just seem annoying how I keep posting over and over about it.

I mean, if you’re so busy then how do they go party and do bad stuff with alcohol and drugs despite them saying, “I’m busy.” In my book, that’s fake. Not all friends do bad stuff but some do.

Okay, rant, over! This just messes with me is all…