I’m Owning Who I Am 🌈


My name is Monay Patterson and I am a Bisexual female. I have a beautiful girlfriend who is pansexual. I will not hide. WE will not hide. We like boys AND girls.

At first I thought there was something wrong with me. I pushed away the feelings. I thought it was a phase. I thought I was confused. But as I grow older I realize that it isn’t a phase. I just like genders.

I didn’t think I’d spend the rest of my life with a girl. But now I’m madly in love with one and I have no shame saying “I want to marry this girl”. I want to be an example for anyone who is struggling to find themselves or questioning their sexuality.

If anyone reading this now is questioning themselves, don’t deny it. It might be a phase it might not be. Time will tell. But own your shit! If you’re gay, date guys and kiss them in public. If you’re lesbian, date girls and kiss them in public! Same for any other sexuality you may be.

own who you are.



Thank you so much for posting this!
You know that i’m gay and i hated it.
I thought I was fat and ugly and that no one was ever going to love me like all the couples I saw in every Disney movie that I love.
But I keep looking and i’m trying to love myself.
And your’e reminding me of that. Thank you so much


I’m glad I was able to help you with this! You aren’t fat nor ugly. You’ll find that special someone. You might already have. I knew my girlfriend a year and I just asked her out a month ago. You never know hun :purple_heart:


bi pride! me too, sis! i’m proud of who i am.




This is GREAT!!! Don’t be afraid to show who you really are! I have a HUGE respect for the LGBTQ community, even though I’m not gay. I’M A PROUD ALLY REPRESENT!!!