I Think I Know My Minor


My sister’s on fall break and I took her to see my school’s production of Hair. I loved it! I have to write a review on it.

So I thought a lot about doing this for a while but I’ve ultimately made the decision to minor in theater. I’ve been really unhappy just working to get at least Cs in all my academic classes. I’ve barely been my artistic self. I miss getting to draw, write stories, lyrics, and sing over the summer. I also use to do some shows in school. The acting class I’m taking now is already a requirement for the minor. I also researched the other requirements and they interest me: production, design, script writing. As an English major I want to be practical and have a career writing scripts and lyrics for plays and musicals and perform a little myself. Because I joined chior and have too many other classes this semester, I decided not to audition for fall productions and wait for spring when hopefully my schedule looks lighter. I’m happy that I’m thinking about this now while I’m still 19.