I’ve been done wrong, and I’m having trouble letting go


Hello friends! :grinning:I have come to let something off of my chest. I have been struggling with this for about 6 months.

Back in May, I snuck out of the house to see my boyfriend at the time. We didn’t do anything, I promise. I would tell you guys if something did happen. But my parents woke up from their nap to find me missing. When I went back home, I had found out they called the police on me and reported me as a runaway. Ever since then, I have had problems with this boy. One day I saw his Instagram bio and it said “taken” with a date that wasn’t ours. It shattered me.

On the first day of high school (he is a 10th grader while I’m a 9th) I ran into him. We talked. He said he missed me and if I wasn’t at school he would’ve skipped the rest of the day. After that conversation, we got back together. But he has emotional issues. He would always lash out on me. He would always call me a Bitch and a Slut. but I always forgave him because I loved him. We were constantly back and forth. One minute we were together, the next minute we weren’t. No matter what, I would always run back to him. One day after a little while of not speaking, we got back together.

He wanted to have sex with me, but I’m not ready to lose my virginity and it upset him. The same day I told him no to sex, he went and had sex with another girl. He didn’t even break up with me. All I know is I see some girl in his bio that is his “fiancé”. I shut down after that. He told me he had sex with her himself. And he told me he didn’t love me anymore.

This is the biggest heartbreak I have ever gone through. We don’t talk at all anymore. He has his girlfriend and I have my boyfriend. But every time I see him, in my head I want him to think about me. I want him to see me happy. I want him to realize what he has lost. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy in my relationship. We haven’t argued at all and I’ve even told him about this and he understands. But I hate that every time I see this guy, my chest starts to hurt and I want to cry. I hate that I still think about him… I love my boyfriend to death. We both talk about our future together which is why I want to let this go but I’m having so much trouble with doing so…




Aww Monay. Imma be harsh here but I agree with what Glenn says. Your quite right that he should see what he’s missing, and he should realise that he doesn’t deserve you and your wonderful personality. But the thing is, you have awesome people in your life, including your current boyfriend, so you need to focus your attention on them. You will be able to let go of him in time, think of him as a stepping stone of realising what you don’t want in a relationship. Remember you can always message me and I hope I make some sense lol.

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I know it’s really tempting to look at the deleted post… but please don’t :disappointed:


we won’t queen :heart:


Thank you sis :two_hearts: