I wish KC was more alive


Honestly, coming on here makes me sad because so many people has left KC. If anyone has Twitter you should make a tweet to get more people on here! I haven’t been very active because I don’t really see a point to. There isn’t many people on here. I wish it was where everytime I came on there would be like 15 unread topics. Try tweeting people! Snapchat! Instagram! We need to bring KC back :orange_heart:


I always come here, not just because I love Kirstin, Pentatonix or music, but because I love conversations, and people outside my everyday life to talk to once in a while. Now I love so many people on here and would love to talk to anyone who comes on.


I’m glad you agree sis!


i would tell my twitter but i’m in kpop stan twt and i don’t think they care about this but i really miss it too!! i remember when it first opened up and that summer staying up til 1-2am talking to people on here


Wish we could turn back time to the good old days!