If you're stressed, sad or in need of help


Still bumping this up :slight_smile:


bumping it up again, even though it’s only been a day.


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sorry ya’ll are prob sick of this by now…


No, it’s fine. I just wish there were some way of making it a pinned topic so it’d stay at the top.


I’m not sure how to make it pinned unless a moderator does it or even Kirstin herself. But nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to keep bumping it back up to the top.


yeah, :slight_smile: as long as we are helping people. (and it’s all because of you mama bear :heart:)


No need to thank me.
You guys do just as much work & help everyone just as much as I do.


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@Mikitkat17 :two_hearts:


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idk if u still need this sis but @Kyndal_Dawn13 :heart:


@annaftptx :heart: please consider hun.


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Once again, bumping this up.
@Kirstin ; is there any way to make this a pinned thread? :cold_sweat:


yep, again. :heart:


guess what???


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