I'm a Senior citizen now!


Just kidding! At Shawnee Mission East I am Noe a senior and today was my first day back! I have mostly electives and no math (thank God!)

It’ll be an interesting year…


Due to an error in my school’s schedule assignment system (Genesis), students who have finished Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, and Stats don’t get assigned a math class…

Here’s mine, I do 1,3,5,7 one day and 2,4,5,6 the next day:
(#. class name - class full name - meaning)

  1. EXEC INTRN 2 - Executive Internship Level 2 - Teacher/Faculty aide.
  2. APLD TECH 4 - Applied Technologies Level 4 - Engineering, 3D modeling and design.
  3. DIG VID PROD 1 - Digital Video Production(s) Level 1 - A/V production, graphic design, films (I’m level 4 but the class is level 1s during 3rd period).
  4. CABINETMAKING 4 - Cabinetmaking/Carpentry/Shop Level 3 - Planning, building, and design using wood and wood products (had to skip junior year or I’d be 4).
  5. LEADERSHIP 2 - Leadership Level 2 - The school spirit and event planning headquarters; in charge of pep rallies, spirit week, homecoming, and sporting event organization. I’m their media person so I do lots with music and photo editing.
  6. Semester 1: ECON FIN LIT HON - Economics & Financial Literature Honors - Basics of checkbooks, education of the Treasury, etc.
    Semester 2: US GOVT HON - US Government Honors - Learn about government processes, systems, and the different policies our country has for such systems.
  7. ENG 4 HON - English Level 4 Honors - 12th-grade English class, usually teaches about writing in business and professional letter schematics (layouts), instead of educational learning per Common Core standards.

HON - Honors - Dedicated to students who are engaged in learning, and have a high regard for special learning. Usually involves doing more things in less time, but gives you a higher chance of college admission if you take AND pass all Honors-capable classes.


No math? Is your English Language Arts class broken into two pieces or do you just have two teachers?

Have a great year!


Then how do you take advanced math classes like Trig and Calculus?


I got my math points taken care of therefore math isn’t important anymore thankfully. Math gave me high levels of stress and anxiety and made school hard for me so hearing that I don’t need to take it anymore destroyed the rock that was weighing me down


Math was always my favorite class. I’m glad you can relax and enjoy the school year but you will have to take more math when you get to college and taking a year off from it won’t help but that is out in the future.

Enjoy the math free year!


Pre-Calculus is online but it’s an optional course (I get credit if I finish, but I’m already way ahead)


I still have the 4 main courses with choir and drama. (Last year of middle school)