I'm About to Ask for a Huge Favor 😅


Hi, so I have a really big favor to ask of this forum…

It’s the last month of school. Next week’s like the next full week before study day and finals. I’ve been designing a literary magazine for contemporary poetry finals. Part of it is that I have to do a survey of 10 people of different ages, friends, strangers… I’m not allowed to use the people in my class and I don’t want to message my sister or ask anyone at Winthrop because we’re all busy stressing about finals.

Basically I’ll message you a poem. All you have to do is read it and send me a 5-7 sentence response to it. Say what you think it’s about, if you like it, if you don’t like it, how it makes you feel, how you connect to it, etc. You don’t have to be a poetry person. My professor just wants to see how different people feel about poetry. I would like to get all the responses back by sometime next week because my complete magazine’s due the 25th.

I’m sorry. I know I’m asking a lot. Just respond to this topic if you wanna take part. I wanna say the first 10 to respond to this topic will take part in survey, but y’all have lives too. I’m hoping to get up to 10. :joy:

@MonaysMontage since you took part in my 4 person survey in the beginning of the semester, you’re NOT allowed to do this again. You got a pass! :blush:



I’ll go for it for you.



I’d be happy to help.



i’d love to!



What if I waaaaaanaa heeeelp :joy:



i’m willing to help!



Seeing as the responses and more volunteers are pouring in, I need to start actually keeping track…

  1. @Simsnet :star:

  2. @Katief1107

  3. @ajptx101 :star:

4 @CharlieGrassiHoying :star:

  1. @MusicalPanda123

  2. My sister :star: - finally worked up the courage to ask.

  3. My sister’s roommate :star: - btw she has Steven Universe, Panic At the Disco! and Bruno Mars on her walls. I L O V E her!

  4. Sema :star: - my best friend from when I went to Catawba. We reconnected this weekend.

So if there’s a :star: by the name, I already got your response.

So apparently I only need two more interviewees. I can’t believe it. I’m so blessed to have every one of you willing to help me. :kissing_heart:

@MonaysMontage I would love for you to be apart of this but rules are rules. :cry:



For real questions as I prepare my response… does Dr. Suess count as poetry? :joy::joy: also I’m terrible at poetry is it okay if I’m completely wrong???



Yes it counts. Poetry is not a code you need to crack. If anything you can write about what you don’t get. :joy:



My sister got two more of her friends to participate for a total of 10. My search for interviewees is officially over. I’m closing this topic.

For the responses I haven’t gotten yet, I’ll need them before Thursday.



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