I'm an adult/tattoo/first eyeshadow pallete and brush set


OKAY SO SORRY THIS IS LATE. I WAS Just too lazy to get on here :joy:

So I turned 18 last Saturday (8/11) and I got a tattoo and, a few days later, I got my makeup from Morphe (use code “James” for 10% off). I got the Jaclyn Hill pallete (it’s my very first eyeshadow pallete and I’M IN LOVEEEEEE), the 12 piece sable set 600, bronzer (I left mine at church camp so I had to get more lol) and they gave me an eye primer sample that is rlly good imma have to buy me some lmao.

Here’s my tattoo. I was going to do both the word “warrior” and the semicolon separately but I saw what they looked like together and I decided to get it. They both have the same meaning. I went through some dark times and tried to end my life a few times but I didn’t and I’m here now, fighting off my demons one day at a time. The word is inspired by 2 songs. 1. Warrior by Demi Lovato and 2. Brave by Moriah Peters.

Like I said, I left my bronzer at a church camp so I bought one from Morphe which I think is WAYY better than the one I got from Mary Kay. The one from Morphe is half the price of the one I got from Mary Kay and it’s the same size. AND IT’S MATTE WITH NO GLITTER UNLIKE LITERALLY EVERYTHING FROM MARY KAY. (Okay listen, I have some stuff from Mary Kay that I like. Which is the eyebrow pencil and foundation and foundation is probably the only thing I’ll continue to get from Mary Kay simply because it’s matte so I don’t have to worry about setting powder and I know my shade. But Mary Kay is for people looking for a natural look… with glitter. No highlighter tho :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:)

I literally only had 4 brushes, they were all eye brushes and 2 of them were for blending :joy:. So I decided, if I wanted to be a makeup artist (contemplating going to school for both cosmetology and psychology), then I needed some brushes. This was the cheapest brush set they had and THEY’RE SO SOFT AND SUCH GOOD QUALITY OMGG.

This just came with my package and I love it imma buy it lmao.

OKAY SO I’ve been obsessed with makeup recently and I’ve been watching A LOT of makeup YouTubers (like James Charles, Jeffree Star, NikkieTutorials, Glam&Gore, etc.) and I’ve seen this pallete everywhere and it has such good reviews (that are all true). I wanted to get Blood Sugar by Jeffree Star but there are only 18 colors for $52 so I’ll just get that when I’m rich like him😂. The Jaclyn Hill pallete has 35 colors and it’s $38… So I got it.

These are all the swatches.

(Same as last one)
(Same as last two)
Here are some different looks I’ve done so far.

I also got a concealer (It was much needed for my imperfections and doing a cut crease hehe) and another mate nude liquid lipstick😂

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also skill dude i can never do it that well


You should follow a tutorial first, that’s what I did with the first two. Then I did the black/gold on my own. It just takes practice and patience.


I’m late, I know i know I haven’t been on here for a while okay?! But I have to tell you, you look like a freaking goddess!! :heart_eyes: the makeup goes amazingly with your hair color and your nose ring just compliments it all :heart_eyes::kissing_heart: