I'm not sure what to do?


so basically i had some fan videos on my youtube channel that i reuploaded because the original poster’s channel was terminated. however, my friend’s brother found out and told his friends, and i deleted the videos because i didn’t want anyone to find out. but now i have 900+ subs and i don’t know what to do??? i didn’t get them off of my own work


Reupload them. People are using you as a source for viewing that content, and subscribing for future reference


It depends.
If the videos were monetised, then I’d advise removing them or turning off ads.
Because you’d essentially be making money for someone else’s work.

But if they’re not monetised & you clearly credit the original creator in the description, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.
Although I’d still obtain the permission of that person to upload them.


thank you! permission obtained and no monitization :slight_smile:


I want to add that I now found the source to how you got so many subs


Because Glenn is a smarty pants


oh. hahahahahahahahhahahahaha :))))))))))))


just so you know, i’ll pay you a large sum of money not to expose me


Very well then.


Oml :woman_facepalming:t3:


Wait if large sums are being given out to keep a secret I wanna know the secret!


FLKJKLSLK:JFD i wish i had the P O W E R to 2 do this


Make a PayPal account using an email address you’re fine with giving out to people, link a bank account or credit card, and have people send money to your email


i have a paypal account witha card im comfy with using i just don’t have the power to ask people LDKJF


Then pay your electric bill




@Simsnet @MusicalPanda123 wow Glenn :joy: