I'm Randy. I'm new here!


Hey all!
I’ve never had many irl friends to fan boy over ptx with, so I’m happy I stumbled upon this sweet community.
Some things about me, I’m from SoCal. I graduated from uni last spring and took some time off (definitely needed a break from that workload :dizzy_face: ). I play hella trumpet and love jazz. I game on PC and watch cooking videos in my free time (send me food porn :eyes: ).
Nice to meet you all!


Welcome!!! I’m Monay and I’m so happy to have you here! You will be a loved member of our community like everyone else. I hope you enjoy your time here!


@SkinnyWalrus! Hi hi! Welcome! :wave::kissing_heart: :two_hearts:what’s your favorite foods to see cooked? :blush:


Hi Randy! I’m Kaitlyn from Orlando. I will graduate college in December and I’m super excited! What was your major? Also I played clarinet all though high school.
Nice to have you here!



hiya randy! i’m charlie. welcome to the forum!


Thank you all for the warm welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Nice to meet you all!

@Kyra_Pearson some of my favorite foods to see cooked are egg dishes like omurice, steaks, cheesy foods, and anything with a good cross section. :drooling_face:

@Katief1107 Greetings fellow band nerd! I got a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics. I’m looking for work in the Aerospace industry. What is your major?


That’s cool! I’m an elementary and ESE education dual major.


Ooh, Yum! :yum:


@SkinnyWalrus also do you have any particular favorite jazz songs you’d like to share? I love all music and discovering songs and artists. :blush:


Hey! I’m Kayla, I hope you enjoy this site.


Hey Randy! Welcome to this fandom. My name is Melle.
I would like to get to know you better. Me and everyone else of course.
If something bothers you feel free to talk and get it off your chest.
And share all the good things you see and experience.
I am obsessed with Disney movies. What are the things you like?


I just went to Denny’s and ate FAR too much. I will do my best to assemble some words somewhat coherently before I fall into a food coma :sleeping:.

Thank you Kayla and Melle for the welcome! I really appreciate it.

@PTX.mel I am a huge disney and pixar fan as well! I would probably say the Incredibles is my favorite movie. Besides what already stated, I’m pretty into clothing. I mostly wear americana/ workwear style and dabble in streetwear a bit. I’m down to post some fit pics eventually.

@Kyra_Pearson some of my favorite all time jazz artists are the Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble. I’ve been recently very into the 8-bit big band. They have wonderful arrangements.

@Katief1107 That’s such an awesome job. I really appreciate teachers. You’re gonna have a huge influence on the lives of many young kids. Best of luck pursuing your job :blush:.


Where are you from if I may ask? It’s perfectly fine if you feel uncomfortable with answering. I’m from South Carolina.


Haha food comas are both the best and worst. Thank you. I’m super excited. I’ve done two internships and love it. Some of the kids you teach in a school have literally no one that care about them besides you.


Hiya fellow music nerd! I’m CiCi and I go to the same school as Charlie…we’re both from sydney, australia! i’ve been playing violin and piano for 13 years and i’m in two orchestras and a jazz band at school! i’m super into kpop and korean culture and im also really into korean fashion and makeup haha…feel free to pm any of us if you wanna talk or rant or anything :blush: It’s awsome to meet you :blue_heart:


Wow that’s so cool! My favorite Pixar is Inside Out and also the Incredibles. I love Edna Mode. She is so hilarious!


Awesome. Ooh, do you like Diana Krall?


Welcome Randy!!!