Just a little check-up :))


Hii guys AHAHAH so i’m not sure if any of you will remember me, but I used to be really active on here, but life has just gotten me stressed and carried away. I came just to check how this community has been doing. I know a lot of other people have left, and I understand that. I mean, my inactivity here has lasted for over a year.
So yes. Maybe a little update from the people who are actually still online in here would be cool! How has your life been this year? What changes did you make, what thoughts have you had, and what are the things going on?
for me, I think I can say that I definitely improved from my social anxiety, except that I still need a ton of improvement, but progress is progress. Also, in the country I’m studying in, we have four different strands for senior high and I’m taking the Humanities and Social Sciences strand and its really been a big contributor to my wanting to pursue social work of some sort. I think this past year, I’ve re-discovered my passion for the social welfare of people and environment. WOW, i know! AHAHAH
but yeah! so that’s why my friend and I have started this group where we’ve had little endeavors like how we joined an event called International Coastal Cleanup, where we basically just picked up trash from the coastal region near us, and we went to a tree-planting event as well, and now, we’re starting our own event. We’re having a small feeding program, looking for donations and all that.
It’s really fun and motivating.


What’re you guys up to?

(not expecting people to really answer bc ykwww)


So glad to hear from you. Sounds like you may have found your calling. I hope that things only continue to get better for you. Hopefully you can find the time to stop by occasionally and give us an update.


wow, it has been a while!
so glad to hear things are going well for you love! I’m doing quite well, my grades have improved and i’m very involved in the local pet mouse community haha :joy: :heart:
I hope you’ll keep popping round, things have been getting fairly quiet!


Hi, babe!!! :wave: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :two_hearts: that sounds amazing! I hope you get lots of donations!


It’s really nice to hear from you again! I sadly lost access from my main account @MonaysMontage, so I’m going to be posting from this account.

Your group sounds awesome! I hope you get plenty of donations!