Just a Little Mermaid rant

Ok so I’m sure by now everyone knows Halle Bailey has been cast as the new Ariel. Apparently if you disagree with it you’re racist but I swear I’m not. I disagree with it because it’s nothing like the original and I want the live action to be as close to the original. I also disagree with it because if you consider where the movie is set, the coast of Denmark, you’d realize that it just doesn’t make sense. Denmark is a mostly white country, if you check the trip advisor for Denmark a lot of the reviews even talk about how it’s just not a country where non-white people are. It would then not make sense for the prince of that country to end up with a black girl. There would literally be an uproar. So yeah just my two sense. Feel free to disagree. Also, yes I was upset with a Black Hermione in the Cursed child and yes I would be upset if they remade princess and the frog and she was white.


I completely agree, tbh there would be a complete uproar if they made a black character white, and historically it indeed doesn’t make ANY sense what soever, especially at the time that the little mermaid is in it makes 0 sense. Again just an opinion, not racism, just being a little realistic


Exactly! I saw it at work last night and none of the people I worked with understood why it was a big deal. It just doesn’t make sense.


I disagree with it because it is not authentic at all and “black” people were considered a curiosity during that time period. They could be employed, but they had to be baptized as Christians to live in the country and the story itself is totally wrong. I actually prefer the Disney version. If you want to know why, go read the original version, it is gruesome and there is no happy ending. But this rush to everything wrong just because it’s “PC” is bad news for all.


agh sorry i’m so late but i completely agree. i’d be equally mad if they made her blonde instead of ginger. it’s just not how she was written, ever.

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Well she was blond in the original fairytale.


oops. that’s my lack of pop culture knowledge showing :sweat_smile: i’d still be angry though lol because i think of her as a redhead. somewhat invalidates my point though. thanks for telling me!


They should give her hair a darker shade of red like this to match with her skin. I think that would look stunning on her!