Kadsfug (yea kadsfug)


ok cool
this … when i log on here (rarely) i wanna Share my Life so u know what ? that’s what’s finna happen. a month ago i went to the panic! at the disco concert in milwaukee and bruh … LEGEND . i cried like one billion times because ive been listening to them for like … 4/5 years it just felt like jesus . i’ll post some pics/videos when i get back home & on my phone. OH and this june i’m gonna be seeing ptx in green bay (wi) and BRUH IM PUMPED . i feel like 2019 is just turning into my jesus year … anyway i wish i would’ve been able to see red velvet in chicago but chicago is kinda far away but my friend khloe saw them and send me pics + video so yea . i just finished this assignment yesterday that Mayhaps was the assignment that i had to spend the longest amount of time on EVER but now it is done … 12 pages of china goodies. also i’ve been ice skating a lot recently and i’m good omg catch me in the olympics . okay that’s all i have to say WAIT nvm … it’s my friends marah bday today so if whoever reads this can say happy birthday marah under this … u will live forever … okay thanks 4 reading n good bye !!!


also ask me for my opinions on stuff because i have really unpopular opinions about some things and it’s fun to make people dislike me for my opinions


b/c that happens all the time at school lol


Hi! I’m back! Congrats! :two_hearts:


Ooh, do you think you could skate to a panic! song?


Hi!!! So happy to hear from you! I’m glad to hear life is going very well in 2019 for ya! I’m so jealous that you got to see P!ATD !!

What do you think of the band Set it Off?


hello !!! i can definitely skate with one ON but like make a routine? if that’s what ur asking? yea nah


hey !!! yes i hope it is going well for u 2!!

in 2015/16 i used to listen to set it off a lot but i haven’t recently at all (if they have any new music)
do you have a recommendation for any newer songs for me?


Killer in the mirror is really good


Never say never! Maybe one day. What song would you do in a routine?


thanks !! i will check it out when i get home


uhhhhhh idk man