Katie and I’s fangirl thread πŸ˜‚


So this is a topic where @Katief1107 and I are going to post people and gush over them :joy::+1:t3:


This gorgeous woman is Jalyn Michelle :sob::sob: YouTuber and Instagram star :heart_eyes:


(Feel free to join)


Tom Holland! Aka Spider-Man!! Is there a rule that all superhero’s have to be beautiful??image


Maybe so that way many movies are sold :joy::joy:


Look at Grant Gustin aka The Flash!!! He’s beautiful!!!


Probably makes sense :joy:



image-2 6ba701614be13f37be58c071d3dbcb5f tumblr_p4rx6v4R1I1uat4tlo1_500
yes, he was sam in love actually :joy:


Who dis…?


Thomas brodie sangster, newt in the maze runner, sam in love actually, ect. a not too well known british actor but he’s amazing


I wanna see maze runner so badlyyyyyy


it’s a bit bad in terms of plot, but the characters are awesome. i’m an insane fangirl haha


Saaaame :joy::shushing_face:


LOOK AT HER UUUGH :heart_eyes:


Her hair!!! Look at her HAIR! :heart_eyes:


One more Jalyn pic before I go to sleep :yum:


Look at this beautiful British man!! And his next movie comes out next month!


Yaaasss love the flash!! He’s so beautiful!!


Yes he iiiiissss I need to get caught up on it!!!