Katie and Iโ€™s fangirl thread ๐Ÿ˜‚


okay he does not look like that most of the time
hereโ€™s our most recent photo:image0


Eh he Ight :joy:


Am I the only one that thinks Fiona Dourif is underrated? She kills it in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky!!! And sheโ€™s freaking gorgeous!!!


Letโ€™s not forget our morning jalyn pic


Beautiful man of the morning: Tim Tebow! Fun fact: my brother thought he was his best friend when he was two. Heโ€™d get mad, grab a phone, and tell you heโ€™s calling Tim Tebow. He got to go to a Gator game once after Tim had graduated and he happened to be there. Tim thew the ball one time and it was the only part of the game my brother talked about. image


Yes I mark out her boyfriend because jalyn is the main attraction :heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat:



ugly sobbing yes bish yeeesss



Her smile :sob::heart_eyes:


So obsessed with Cardi b she slaaaayyys and her baby is adorable :sob::sob:


Morning Jalyn :heart_eyes:


For todayโ€™s dose of beautiful men I give you Jay Hayden! He plays Travis Montgomery on Station 19 and heโ€™s just so beautiful!


Oooouuuu :sob::two_hearts::heart_eyes:



Such a beautiful human beingโ€ฆ WCE! :drooling_face:


The hair the makeup the lipstick skin itโ€™s just all perfect :heart_eyes::sob:



Morning Jalyn :heart_eyes:


Scott is gonna be todayโ€™s beautiful man of the day!


Woo!!! My hubbyyyyyyyyyy


MORE JALYN :drooling_face:


Since Scott is todayโ€™s beautiful man of the day how about another pic of him :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: