Kinda Anxious About Therapy


So, I am finally seeing a therapist for my anxiety.

But, there’s a problem.

My Mom and I got into an argument this past Monday, and it got heated. To the point where she said that I can’t see my boyfriend for three months.

I won’t get into detail about the argument, hope that’s okay.

But, now because of me not being able to see Hector, it means I’ll have to miss several sessions with my therapist. And as of today, it’s only my second session.

So, here’s my concern.

Will I have to pay for these missed sessions?

My family isn’t medically insured, so I’m working on getting the insurance for myself, but it’s taking some time. I have no problem paying out of pocket, but I just want to know.

Thanks, guys.


I would think that if you cancel the sessions far enough in advance that there would not be any charge.If you wait until the day of the appointment then there could be a charge. You should talk to your therapist to know for sure.
Sorry that you’re going to have to miss some sessions. I hope that you can work everything out with your mom.


Is he driving you there? I don’t get the inconvenience here…


I’m so sorry. I hope everything works out. Praying. :two_hearts:


This really upsets me. I hope everything will be okay :two_hearts: